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My money clip arrived on Monday and looks great.  I especially like the way it looks outside in the sunlight.  I wanted to write to say "thanks".

Andrew (CA, USA)



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Anodized Blue Titanium Money Clip

Anodized Blue Titanium Money Clip

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Side View of Anodized Blue Titanium Money Clip

Anodizing is a great way to add some unique colors. It is not as durable as our black diamond or titanium nitride coatings, which are all but bulletproof. That being said this anodized titanium money clip can securely hold your cash and cards and will generate some really cool wear marks over the years - especially around the edges.

Because we use quality titanium you never have to worry about rust or any issues if the anodized coating starts to wear after a few years. If you enjoy products with character, then this will be a great product because it will gain character with use and 5 or 10 years down the road you can see what abuse your money clip has been through...and that it keeps on clip'n'.

Anodizing makes a clear coating that is not a paint or even a color at all, so it is more affected by fingerprints and ambient lighting. It will look different inside your house from how it does outside in the sun or in that dimly lit bar! Scroll down for more on anodizing - it is truly a fascinating effect. Imagine that the blue money clip is really just silver titanium color with a clear coating - pretty amazing!!

We are the pioneers of engineered titanium money clips and we are commited to using the highest quality American titanium and making them exclusively in Canada and the USA. You will not find an equal or better money clip anywhere at any price - guaranteed!

This anodized money clip up to 30 folded bills OR 5 credit cards + 11 folded bills.

Perfect for everyday carry!


Dimensions & Weight of our Anodized Money Clip:

Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Height: 7/16"
Weight: 0.36 ounces


T-Series Money Clip

The T-Series™ Money Clip

mini-Viper Money Clip

The mini-Viper Money Clip

Caribbean Money Clip - Green

The Caribbean™ Money Clip



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How Anodizing Works:



Titanium is naturally a silver color. By using a specially prepared solution and an precisely controlled electrical current it is possible to create almost all the colors of the rainbow. This process creates a clear titanium oxide layer that refracts light (similar to a prism) and creates the colors out of thin air! Technically, it is splitting up the ambient light and returning the blue wavelength (for the blue clip).

Because of the refraction effect fingerprints will really have an effect on the color. Just the oils from your skin will change the thickness of the clear layer and therefore the color. Over time you will fingerprint the whole money clip, so you will not notice it.

It takes time and experience to get a nice uniform coating and there are numerous steps taken to prepare our money clips to ensure a good finish. We push the limits to make our money clips the absolute best and we sure don't blow it by doing a bad job on the final finish. This means having skilled and experienced operators. Afterall, too many times we've all bought something that was cheap and then gone back and bought a real product that is built to last and actually works.


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We tried to pin down the date of the first money clip. The most obvious place to start was with the origin of paper money. In China people carried currency in the form of copper coins with holes and wore it around their necks.

They say being rich is a burden and with heavy copper coins around their necks it probably was! Through a combination of a paper shortage and the desire to stop carrying heavy copper some of the first paper currency was introduced in the 600's.

The United States began to use paper currency in the 1690s. After a few more decades there were 13 states with their own currency.

From the information we have it seems that sometime between 600 and 1690 money clips were probably alreaddy in use in some form or another. If anyone has more dates or information to narrow down the date range and help us be more accurate we'd appeciate hearing from you!