Hippie™ Money Clip by Superior Titanium
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The HIPPIE™ Money Clip

Hippie Money Clip 


The Hippie™ clip is a funky design that we came up with to show off the full potential of anodizing. This anodized titanium money clip is made using the same methods as the single color anodized money clips, however, the broad range of colors is created by hand drawing the money clip as it is being anodized. Each color blends into the next as the voltage is increased as the money clip moves out of the special solution.

Each Hippie™ clip is individually hand anodized, so no two money clips will look exactly the same! The photo shows a typical design, however, each money clip is unique and no one else will have the same money clip!

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How Anodizing Works:


When you are holding a titanium Hippie™ money clip in your hand you are actually holding an illusion. The money clip does exist, but the colors you see are only caused by a trick of the eye. The only "real" colors are the base titanium (silver colored) and a clear titanium dioxide layer on top.

Okay, technically your eyes are not playing a trick on you because the colors are generated from the refraction of light and your eye sees this. This effect is very similar to light refracting through a prism as pictured to the left. The difference is that the money clip actually takes on the colors because the light is reflected off the base titanium layer rather than passing right through.

Each different thickness of clear titanium oxide creates a different color allowing us to create a range of colors on a single money clip. Though skilled control of speed, voltage and time this unique money clip is a work of both science and art!


Capacity of a Hippie Money Clip:

Only Bills: 30 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 4 credit cards + 15 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight of a Hippie™ Money Clip:

Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Height: 7/16"
Weight: 0.36 ounces

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