SR-71 Money Clip by Superior Titanium
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The SR-71 Titanium Money Clip - Holds Credit Cards Too!

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This SR-71 titanium money clip was inspired by the speed, stealth and look of the SR-71 blackbird. We wanted to create a solid titanium reminder of the truly amazing feat of engineering that is the SR-71 Blackbird. Of course the money clip does more than just look pretty and in fact will do a great job of securing your cash and credit cards! We chose to use commercially pure titanium, with almost no impurities and this makes for a springy money clip to meet the demands of holding one bill or up to 30 folded bills. The SR-71 used Ti-13V-11CR-3Al, which is titanium alloyed with vanadium (13%), chromium (11%) and aluminum (3%) to get the exact properties required for heat resistance, strength and for withstanding thermal shock.

The SR-71 Blackbird contained no armament and was so fast that when fired on by an enemy ground to air missile the instructions for evasive action were to simply accelerate! There were many engineering challenges to overcome when designing the aircraft and one was how to overcome the intense heat. The solution titanium! Titanium was the material that could withstand the forces, heat and provide sufficient protection to the internal components of the aircraft. Studies of the aircraft's titanium skin revealed that the metal was actually growing stronger over time due to the intense heating caused by aerodynamic friction!

The SR-71, high-altitude airborne reconnaissance platform flew at speeds of over 3 times the speed of sound (exact top speed has not been disclosed) and gave the United States the ability to photograph military sites in hostile countries as well as the opportunity to confirm interpretations of satellite photographs from 1968 until 1990.

This SR-71 Blackbird money clip is designed by Superior Titanium and we should mention that it is our tribute and is not endosed or affiliated with Lockheed Skunk Works or any other company. This is our tribute and we hope it brings enjoyment to all those who use it.

Capacity of an SR-71 Money Clip:

Only Bills: 30 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 4 credit cards + 15 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight of an SR-71 Money Clip:

Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Height: 7/16"
Weight: 0.36 ounces


SR-71 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Type: Strategic Reconnaissance
Manufacturer: Lockheed Skunk Works
Maiden Flight: 22 December 1964
Introduced: 1966
Retired: 1999


SR-71 Titanium Money Clip

Type: Titanium Money Clip
Manufacturer: Superior Titanium Products, Inc
Maiden Flight: Onboard a Boeing 777 airliner in 2008
Introduced: 2008 
Retired: Built to last a lifetime (no retirement in sight!!)

Did you know that former SR-71 Pilot Calvin Augustin (on left) uses a Superior Titanium SR-71 Titanium Money Clip to secure his cash and cards. He is pictured here with his navigator,Major Frank Kelly (right) after their first Mach 3 flight. Calvin Augustin (Cal) is available to appear as a keynote speaker and/or inspirational speaker. For more information you can visit his website at

SR-71 Blackbird


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Fact When designing the fastest air breathing plane of all time it is no coincidence that titanium was selected to make up 85% of the SR-71 Blackbird airframe. Many of the unique properties of titanium also make it an ideal material for making the best money clips. Unlike for the SR-71 a melting temperature of 3,000-degrees was not a critcal factor when we selected titanium for our money clips!