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We are proud that our money clips are a North American product made using American titanium produced in a Morgantown, PA mill ...

Why Choose A Titanium Money Clip?

Our money clips are proven to work and we use quality American aerospace titanium - no exceptions. We work hard to make a premium product and we start with the best material. Over many years of refining our craft we have found ways to unlock the full potential of titanium.

We use non-obvious processes and techniques to create what we believe are the best money clips available with unmatched performance at any price! The perfect example of this is our mini-Viper™ Titanium Money Clip shown above. It is ultra-compact with a respectable 30 folded bill capacity (can also hold credit cards) and snaps back to hold a single bill!

Why Choose Our Titanium Money Clip?

  • Retains Shape 30% Better Than Steel.
  • 45% Lighter than Steel.
  • Up to 65% less bulk versus a traditional wallet.
Why we are best?
Mike W. - Longmeadow, Massachusetts [Verified Buyer]

I saw your ad on Facebook, I was intrigued by the product’s specs., titanium, slim size and capacity as I always carry my bills and cards in front pocket w/ a clip. I was impressed with it the moment I received it and I am in love with it now. It is by far the best clip I’ve seen of owned as I’ve used clips for 40 yrs. You will NOT find a better made, light as air clip like this anywhere else, mark my words.
Congratulations on hitting a home run with your clips!!

W. - Jacksonville, FL [Verified Buyer]

It is not only perfect for everyday carry for me but is quite a beautiful execution of design and craftsmanship. What I have found also is that the large black diamond clip is perfect for storing a batch of business cards in your pocket at trade shows. You can pull one card out at a time instantly without having to fumble around in a leather card case trying to get just one card out. You may want to use this idea for marketing purposes. Attached is a picture of the clip with about 25 cards.

Kidlat - Northridge Ca. [Verified Buyer]

Best money clip money can buy !
After a week of using this " VIPER " money clip ! I found out that My decision of spending my hard earned money did not go to waste, as described it has the strength of holding 60-65 folded bills ?? plus my 8 credit cards , 1 Ca. ID and a costco card - I was abusing its elasticity and trying to find out if they are lying and just wanted to promote their product ! But it proved me wrong " it springs back to its original grip to hold a 1 paper bill ! For Now I am a believer ! But not to worry , I will be a constant critique of this VIPER MONEY CLIP , as of the current I will just enjoy this great product .

A. Taylor [Verified Buyer]

L O V E S it!
Hey there FYI....the one I bought over a year ago My boss LOVES it.......I mean L O V E S it (use my testimonial if you like) See he was the 'broccoli elastic' kind of guy so are many of his friends They love his. hope they are going to buy from you soon Especially for Xmas:)


J Dalton [Verified Buyer]

Wow, The Viper is by far the best clip I have ever seen. This clip is attractive, light weight, durable and does better than expected. This is the only clip I will ever use again.

We don't just sell money clips - we make them!

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