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I received both of my money clips a couple days ago and they are exactly as promised. The quality is obvious. One will be a gift and I suspect there will be other orders generated from it. Thanks again for your good work and your quality product.

Gerry (WA, USA) - T-30 Money Clips

I never used a money clip before, only the “George Costanza” wallet. I bought the T-30 clip and I really like the large size and capacity of this clip. I was concerned the bills would get messed up with a smaller clip. The T-30 fits my front pocket, and you wouldn’t even know that I am carrying money. Great product!

Thomas (USA)

These money clips are the very best clips on the market. I recently purchased a black diamond T60 in the Ti-22 cut out style. Not only is it the best of quality but almost every time I pull it out of my pocket to pay for a purchase I get a compliment and am asked if the cashier might possibly hold and get a closer look. I just want to say that I couldn't be happier with a purchase & I'll never carry an old fashioned wallet again. One more issue; The employees are the friendliest and most knowledgeable I think I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. I suggest you order yours today !!!!

Tim (USA)

See our Viper money clip page (or one of our other pages) to see what people think of our money clips!


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The T-Series™ Ti22 Money Clips

If you love all things titanium like we do, then these money clips are for you. The T-Series money clips are made from high grade American titanium and incorporate all the knowledge that we've gained through years of designing and making money clips. If you love money clips and you love titanium it does not get any better than this!!


T-30 Titanium Money Clip - Natural Titanium Finish

The T-30™ Money Clip (natural titanium finish). Click on above photo for large image.


We spend a lot of time refining and honing our money clips right down to the grain structure of the titanium. When it comes to making the best performing money clips we leave no stone unturned. We take nothing for granted and keep working to further innovate and improve. We will never rest on our laurels.

Our attention to detail is why you will probably find yourself liking our money clips more and more over time. They will just be nice to use and they will feel right. You will not know exactly why and can't explain it. The reason is that it is not one thing. It is all those little things that individually don't make a huge difference, but when added up together they do make a big difference.



T-Series Sizing Chart


T-30 Titanium Money Clip with Black Diamond Finish

The T-30™ Money Clip (black diamond finish). Click on above photo for large image.



Capacity of the T-30™ Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 30 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 4 credit cards + 20 folded bills OR 6 credit cards + 12 folded bills

T-Series Money Clip - Natural Titanium Finish T-Series Money Clip - Black Diamond Finish

T-30™ - Natural Titanium Finish - $54.99 US
30 Bill Capacity

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T-30™ - Black Diamond™ Finish - $64.99 US
30 Bill Capacity

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Capacity of the T-60™ Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 60 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 8 to 10 credit cards + 20 to 30 folded bills OR 12 credit cards + 15 folded bills

T-Series Money Clip - Natural Titanium Finish T-Series Money Clip - Black Diamond Finish

T-60™ - Natural Titanium Finish - $54.99 US
60 Bill Capacity

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T-60™ - Black Diamond™ Finish - $64.99 US
60 Bill Capacity

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Capacity of the T-100™ Experimental Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 100 folded bills (quite possibly the biggest money clip in the world)
Bills & Credit Cards: 12 credit cards + 52 folded bills OR 16 credit cards + 28 folded bills - see important note below

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike the other money clips in this series, the T-100™ is an experimental money clip and should be used with a minimum of approximately 25% of maximum capacity which works out to be 6 cards OR 25 bills. We still have more test results we are waiting for and we will confirm this exact minimum quantity and update you before shipping. Everyone who pre-orders the T-100™ clip can cancel for a full refund any time before shipping (have 90-day money back guarantee after this time as well), change to another design or continue with your purchase. We want to ensure the best customer experience and keep you fully informed with all progress on this one of a kind new design!

T-100 Titanium Money Clip - Natural Titanium T-100 Money Clip - Black Diamond Finish

T-100™ - Natural Titanium Finish - $69.99 US
100 Bill Capacity!

Minimum capacity applies - see above note


T-100™ - Black Diamond™ Finish - $79.99 US
100 Bill Capacity!

Minimum capacity applies - see above note


With our patented money clip design, premium American aerospace titanium, and skilled craftsmanship performed exclusively in the USA and Canada, we believe these money clips are the absolute best money can buy!

Although brand new, the T-Series™ embodies more than a decade of work improving techniques and refining processes to make what we believe are the absolute best money clips known to man! The positive feedback we have received over the years means a lot to us and we really want take our designs to the next level to try and top our previous work! With the T-Series™ money clips we think we might just have done this, but as always you will be the final judge of that!

If you just need to carry just a little cash and some cards for regular daily use, then the T-30™ is the one for you. If you carry 8 to 10 cards along with cash, then the T-60™ will have you covered. On the extreme end the T-100™ titanium money clip can hold up to $10,000.00 in cash!


Model #:
Capacity with bills only:
Capacity with bills and credit cards:
30 folded bills
4 cards + 15 folded bills  OR  6 cards + 6 folded bills
60 folded bills
8 to 10 cards + 20 to 30 folded bills  OR  12 cards + 12 folded bills


100 folded bills!
12 cards + 52 folded bills   OR  20 cards + 16 cards + 28 folded bills

Each purchase is supporting proud American and Canadian workers and our high end aerospace supply chains. We believe in quality first and we welcome any and all feedback! A link back to our site is also very much appreciated. It really makes a big difference to our company and we love when people refer friends, family or visitors of their website or blogs to us.

We learned an important lesson from the "how did you hear about us" section of our feedback form. Many years ago we had someone respond "a guy in a bar". The first time we read this we laughed because it was unexpected, but then over time we've had more and more people saying the exact same thing. It turned out this was nothing to laugh about, but something very important to our business. So, to whoever is showing off our money clips in bars across America and around the world - THANK YOU!!

Video demonstrating the durability of the black diamond coating. We work hard to make the best money clips from the high grade titanium we start with - to highly specialized treatments to the titanium during forming to improve springiness - to a premium high quality and durable finish. The video is just over 4 minutes long, but lots of good info, so worth the watch!

Dimensions & weight of the T-Series™ Money Clips:

Length: 3"
Width: 1 3/4"
Height: 1/2" (T-30™)    5/8" (T-60™)   1" (T-100™)
Weight: 1 ounce

We have been dedicating our time to fulfilling orders, perfecting our products and bringing new ideas to life. This has meant less time left for things like facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media. Just because we have not spent time on these marketing efforts does not mean we don't care or that they do not help build awareness of our products. For those who use social media, if you can tweet, like on facebook, instagram or blog about any of our products it would be very much appreciated. For those people who have already done so - THANK YOU!!

There are literally thousands of different money clips to choose from in the market - sterling silver money clips, designs with springs, magnets or other complexities that can fail, seize or potentially cause issues with magnetic strips, etc. With over a decade of experience designing money clips we can guarantee unmatched quality and performance. You will enjoy using our products everyday!


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T-60 Money Clip with Cash

The T-60™ shown with cash, cards and THOR RFID Shields



T-100 Money Clip - Black Diamond - 600px

The T-100™ shown in the above rendering is the biggest of the three money clips in the T-Series™ with a 100 folded bill capacity! If you want a BIG...or we should say MASSIVE money clip, then this one is for you!

Feedback from a valued customer:

I recently purchased a T-100 as I have to travel regularly to Indonesia and it seemed like it would be the perfect solution to a unique problem. In Indonesia the largest bank note denomination is IDR 100,000 which equates to around USD $8.75 and yet travel costs are similar to the rest of the world.

So when you regularly have to carry over six or seven million IDR, you need a serious money clip capable of controlling such a currency. I thoroughly recommend the T-100 for anyone travelling to Indonesia.

In my book it is definitely "Rupiah recommended"

Thanks and regards,




The Viper Money Clip

The Viper™ Money Clip

mini-Viper Money Clip

The mini-Viper Money Clip




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The SR-71 Blackbird airframe is 85% titanium. With a high strength to weight ratio and excellent fatigue resistance titanium was the clear winner for use in the world's fastest air breathing plane!

Using the best quality titanium was critical for the construction of the SR-71 Blackbird. In fact during the production of the SR-71 Blackbird up to 80% of the titanium shipped for use in the plane was rejected based on insufficient purity.

At Superior Titanium we also believe in using only the best American aerospace titanium for our money clips. When you work as hard as we do to make a high performing product it only makes sense to start with the best material.