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Wow, The Viper is by far the best clip I have ever seen. This clip is attractive, light weight, durable and does better than expected. This is the only clip I will ever use again.

J Dalton

I've been on the search for the perfect money clip for years, and have a number in my collection. Everything from a generic stainless steel model to a very pricy sterling silver [edited out company name] & Co clip, all have served their purpose but none have been just right. So out of desperation I ordered the Viper money clip, it arrived two days ago. It appears that I've found an ideal solution to my daily money clip needs; it's larger than I imagined but surprisingly light and fits well in my front pocket. It's currently holding 11 bills, my driver's license, a credit card and a debit card with room to spare. I'm looking forward to being able to go wallet-less over the Memorial Day weekend and through the summer. Good Job Superior Ti.

Fred (NC, USA)

Hey there FYI....the one I bought over a year ago My boss LOVES it.......I mean L O V E S it (use my testimonial if you like) See he was the 'broccoli elastic' kind of guy so are many of his friends They love his. hope they are going to buy from you soon Especially for Xmas:)

Peace! A. Taylor

I was looking for a good money clip and after searching the web, I came across your site and was interested in the Viper money clip. After checking out some YouTube videos, I was sold on it. This is an excellent money clip and I will certainly recommend it to my friends.

William Page

I orderd the viper money clip and just received it today it's the best one I've seen. I plan on ordering agin keep up the good work

Thanks, Troy Paxton

I purchased a Viper Titanium money clip as I hate to carry a wallet. This thing is amazing. I bought the Black Diamond Finish. It was the best $60.00 I've ever spent. Buy one you won't be sorry...

Anon (USA)

I purchased a large black diamond money clip a month or so ago and found it was just too large for everyday carry. Other than that it is a masterpiece. I have since ordered the slimmer money clip and it is not only perfect for everyday carry for me but is quite a beautiful execution of design and craftsmanship. What I have found also is that the large black diamond clip is perfect for storing a batch of business cards in your pocket at trade shows. You can pull one card out at a time instantly without having to fumble around in a leather card case trying to get just one card out. You may want to use this idea for marketing purposes. Attached is a picture of the clip with about 25 cards.

Sincerely, W. (Jacksonville, FL)

Both the Viper and the Mini Viper are exactly what I wanted! These are the best money clips I have ever bought!!!! Also work well with 1 bill or a lot of bills!!!!! I have gone through so many money clips and I would say I found the best ones ever!!! Thank you again!!!!

Ron (California)

I thought I would wait a while before reviewing your Viper money clip since my prior experience with clips has been less than grand. I was in market for a new clip since my last one deformed and ended up always leaving my money loose in my pocket after trying to take the clip out only after a few months of use. So I decided I would give The Viper a try being as its simple, sleek, and had an outstanding 60-bill capacity that I really liked. Since the purchase earlier in 2015 I have enjoyed using The Viper every day, though I was skeptical on the bounce back of the titanium, I have kept a minimum of 40 bills in the clip at almost all times and am more than happily surprised that as advertised it still pinches down tight on a single non folded bill and keeps form. I’m actually so happy with the product I might buy a second in a different colour. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for designing and selling such a superior product and I always recommend your site to friends and family that ask where I bought my amazing money clip!




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The VIPER™ Titanium Money Clip

The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip is constructed from 100% solid American titanium and was designed using the latest 3D modelling and finite element analysis software. This premium money clip is engineered to hold up to 60 folded bills (that is the equivalent thickness of 120 unfolded bills!). Of course all this is good, but what makes this titanium money clip great, is that it springs back precisely to hold just a single bill!

VIPER Titanium Money Clip holding a one dollar bill

Capacity of a Viper™ Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 60 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 8 credit cards + 30 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight of a Viper™ Titanium Money Clip:

Length: 3"
Width: 1 3/4"
Height: 3/4"
Weight: 0.95 ounces

Typical Physical / Mechanical Properties:

Density: 0.163 lb/in3
Melting Point: 3,020 °F


Using the finite element analysis program we could design this money clip to fully utilize titanium's strength, toughness and extreme resistance to fatigue. The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip is a large money clip that takes control of your cash and credit cards with four powerful bands of titanium. The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip has bite!

The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip and has been specifically engineered to perform not only today, but for a lifetime and beyond. We use 100% American titanium for the best quality and all manufacturing is done in the United States and Canada.

Every purchase is supporting American and Canadian workers and our high end aerospace supply chains. We hope you enjoy the unique design and welcome any and all feedback! A link back to our site is also very much appreciated.

Finite Element Analysis of the Viper Titanium Money Clip

The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip has bite!


VIPER Titanium Money Clip - Natural Finish VIPER titanium money clip - black diamond finish

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VIPER™ - Natural Titanium Finish - $49.99 US
Massive 60 Bill Capacity


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VIPER™ - Black Diamond™ Finish - $59.99 US
Massive 60 Bill Capacity




Viper™ Money Clip
- with NATO Alphabet code words precision engraved into solid titanium!

Viper Money Clip - ALPHA Version


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VIPER™ Money Clip (NATO Version)- $69.99 US
Massive 60 Bill Capacity


Close-up of ALPHA Viper

Close-up of our crisp, clear and permanent engraving

NATO alphabet precision engraved into the titanium through the durable black diamond finish, unlike screen printing or other methods that will quickly wear off in pocket with keys and coins, this money clip is built to last and look good too!

By using a larger font size than we did on our Badass titanium money clip (which is based on the mini-Viper) the writing on this money clip is easier to see. With both money clips the engraving is very crisp and clean.


Viper Titanium Money Clip - NASA Optical Gray

NEW!! - VIPER Titanium Money Clip with NASA Optical Gray Finish

Our new NASA Optical Gray finish is the same finish NASA uses for titanium parts on satellites and other spacecraft. Through a multi-step process the titanium is texturized and also darkened, creating a finish that has very preferential emissivity properties. This makes it not only ideal for spacecraft, but also for those who like an extreme matte finish.

We used intense lighting for this photo to demonstrate how the NASA Optical Gray finish absorbs and soaks up the light in the visible light spectrum (similar effect on both sides of visible). With this angle of lighting you would normally get a blinding glare in the camera lens.

Quality is all about the details and this finish is no exception! This finish is not a coating, but a multi-step process that modifies the surface structure of the titanium and also darkens it to create a durable finish that will never chip or flake off.

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Massive 60 Bill Capacity



Below is a case study about one of our recent customers:

We received an email from a customer looking for something that can handle 52 bills and 5 cards.  Even though this is past the rated capacity of the Viper, which would be 52 bills and 2 cards (or 5 cards and 40 bills), we felt it would be able to handle volume with the only side effect being some extra tension when fully loaded. We advised our customer of our opinion and he decided to go ahead and purchase the money clip. He was also nice enough to take the time to send us a couple photos of before and after as well as giving us some great feedback. Here is what he had to say:

"First and foremost, I’d like to give a very enthusiastic thumbs up on my new Diamond Viper Wallet!!!  As a business owner,  I carry a minimum of 50+ bills at any given time and found my former money clip, known as the [brand name removed] actually held no magic at all!  It’s poor fabric construction was totally inferior to My new clip; The Diamond Viper!  The structure is solid,  it holds my bills tightly and the comfort is amazing!  Now, I can carry my money with the utmost confidence with the assurance that all of my hard earned cash is safe and secure!  The Diamond Viper is a superior product and I will recommend it to all of my business partners for sure!"

Customer's Wallet Before
Customers Cash & Credit Cards in The Viper Money Clip

If you have a story to share we would love to hear from you!


VIPER titanium money clip wallet

The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip measures
1 3/4" wide x 3" long and is pictured holding 60 bills
(Holds Credit Cards Too)

Shipping Information
We ship worldwide!
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Viper Titanium Money Clip with Hundred Dollar Bills


Titanium & Gold Money Clip
Black Diamond Money Clip
mini-Viper Money Clip


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Viper Titanium Money Clip - Rock Star




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Fact Why is titanium such a good material for making money clips? The reason has to do with a combination of properties. Titanium has a low modulus of elasticity, but a high yield strength. In engineering terms this means it flexes (bends) more given the same load, but will not permanently deform. This is the secret to why our money clips spring back to hold a single bill.