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I purchased the basic Titanium Money Clip. Let's not get crazy here, it's just a money clip for gawds sake. But what a money clip it is. I don't think the metal will fatigue ever. There are no springs of any sort to break or fatigue. You can spend a lot more, but you won't get the quality and longevity this product offers!

Michael N. (IDAHO)


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I received the money clip I ordered from your company today.  All I can say is this money clip is perfect!  It holds everything I need and springs back like a champ.  I'll be ordering a few more for gifts and backups in the future.  Thank you again for an amazing product.

Franklin P. (Carson City, NV)

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Titanium is an amazing material for making money clips. Why? Because it has unique elastic properties combined with high strength making it both strong and flexible. Titanium also has a high strength to weight ratio. It is truly a unique material!

Titanium is also corrosion resistant and in fact complely immune to salt water corrosion. Forget your money clip in your pocket when you go swimming and you have nothing to worry about!

Our money clips are proven to work and we use quality American aerospace titanium - no exceptions. We work hard to make a premium product and we start with the best material. Over many years of refining our craft we have found ways to unlock the full potential of titanium.

We use non-obvious processes and techniques to create what we believe are the best money clips available with unmatched performance at any price. For those who desire a premium finish, we have our black diamond and titanium nitride finish money clips and even ones with a pure gold ingot mounted on them.

We get asked if titanium can be engraved and the answer is yes! The best way to engrave is by using using a diamond tipped mechanical engraver. This is standard equipment for almost all jewelry stores. You can even try sports trophy stores because they usually have engravers.

Finally, we use real American titanium - period. Some of our competitors have "titanium colored" or "titanium plated" money clips and call them "titanium" money clips, which we do not believe is all that fair. Be sure to ask for the real thing when making a purchase with your hard earned cash.

Our promise is that you will not find a better money clip any where at any price. We back this up with our money back guarantee.