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My money clip arrived on Monday and looks great.  I especially like the way it looks outside in the sunlight.  I wanted to write to say "thanks".

Andrew S. (Carlsbad, CA)



USA Money Clip


USA Money Clip

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Titanium Money Clip Anodized Blue, then Precision Laser Engraved with "USA" and "Titanium".

Holds Credit Cards Too!

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USA Titanium Money Clip (with cash - front)


How Anodizing Works:

This good looking titanium money clip is fabricated from American titanium and all manufacturing processes are completed in the United States and Canada using skilled labor and the latest technologies.

The colors produced by anodizing titanium are formed by the refraction of light off of and through the thin titanium oxide layer that is produced. These colors are called interference colors. There are no pigments or dyes involved. In this process, the clear micronic oxide layer (TiO2) that normally envelopes titanium (leaving the metal a gray color) is electrically thickened by a very small amount. This clear oxide filters out light waves, producing brilliant colors. creating different refractive effects which the human eye perceives as different colors. By controlling the application of electric currents and voltages in different intensities and duration bring about the different resulting colors, across the rainbow spectrum.

When the oxide is of a thickness to generate interference colors, its depth is measured in angstroms (Ĺ=1/100,000,000 centimeter). This layer can vary in thickness from 500 to 1,000Ĺ+ depending on the color. It is not the oxide itself that is perceived by the viewer, but its effect on light waves. Because colors are optically created you can see subtle differences in the amount and/or shade of color from morning to twilight hours of the day. The angle of viewing, and type of light source will also influence color.

Titanium Advantages:

Titanium is extremely elastic (springy), lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-magnetic making it the very best material for a money clip. Being 30% more elastic than steel, it's great for clamping onto a big wad of cash or hanging onto a single bill.

Titanium is approximately half the weight of steel, while actually having greater strength.

It is safe to hold credit cards or bank machine cards along with your bills because titanium is non-magnetic. Beware of magnetic money clips they can erase the electronic information stored on your credit cards and any other magnetic strips close to the magnets.

These titanium money clips are engrave able. It is recommended to have the engraving done locally to ensure that the font type, size, location, etc are produced the way you want.

Titanium is difficult material to machine and work with, but the result is worth the effort. Titanium is immune to corrosive attack by salt water or marine atmospheres and is used in submarines, aircraft (the SR-71 Blackbird is almost entirely fabricated from titanium), satellites, Ferrari hubcaps, and your money clip.

Capacity of the USA Titanium Money Clip:

Only Bills: 30 folded bills
Bills & Credit Cards: 4 credit cards + 15 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight of the USA Titanium Money Clip:

Length: 2"
Width: 1"
Height: 7/16"
Weight: 0.36 ounces

Typical Physical / Mechanical Properties:

Density: 0.163 lb/in3
Melting Point: 3,020 °F
Modulus of Elasticity ­Tension: 15 x 103 ksi
Ultimate Strength: 50 ksi
Yield Strength: 40 ksi
Percent Elongation: 20%

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Money Clip Facts Titanium is named after the mythological Titans, the first sons of the earth and has proven to be technically superior in a wide variety of applications including jet engines, rocket casings, nuclear submarines and Ferrari hubcaps.