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Leather Card Holders

Leather Card Holders

Beautifully hand stitched full grain leather card holders designed to work with almost any money clip. You can also use without a money clip for an ultra minimalist wallet as shown below! Just put your cash, keys or coins in the auxiliary pocket.

We have built our reputation by making top performing titanium money clips and for many years we've been repeatly asked to make a leather card holder for credit cards that can be used to compliment our money clips. After many years of research and prototyping we have come up with not one, but three different versions for different requirements.

Hand cut and stitched from full grain leather by highly skilled craftsmen one of the first things you will notice is how good our card holders smell. Just like the smell of an elite baseball glove (the ones that are still made the way they used to make them).

If you are tired of cheap leather products that quickly fall apart often smell more like oil or plastic than leather, then you will appreciate the quality of our hand stitched full grain card holders.

More important than smell these card holders will last you many many years and in fact should last decades. Why will these last so long? Nowaways a vast number of leather products are made from bonded leather or other low grade leather. In fact bonded leather can be as little as 10% leather scrap leather fiber with the rest filler and it can still be called leather. Only 10%!! That means it can be 90% other materials like plastic, paper fibers or anything else. No wonder they often smell so bad!!
Size: 3" wide x 3.75" long x 0.156" thick
Weight: 0.6 ounces
Features: One main pocket

Size: 3" wide x 3.75" long x 0.156" thick
Weight: 0.7 ounces
Features: One main pocket + extra pocket for money clip, keys, coins or cash.

Size: 3" wide x 4.25" long x 0.1875" thick
Weight: 0.9 ounces
Features: Four pockets; main opening plus extra pocket for money clip, cash or keys. Plus an additional 2 pockets for frequently used cards.
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Leather Card Holders

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