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$100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Notes

$100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Notes

$100 Trillion Zimbabwe note w/ Protective Hard Case. 2008 / AA- Series. The notes are crisp, uncirculated, and have the AA Prefix - great collectors item. Notes can be removed from hard case and put back in.

In Zimbabwe, one Zimbabwe Dollar used to buy one loaf of bread and you would probably get some change back. A few years later a 100 Trillion Dollars was required to purchase that same sized loaf of bread! At the present time, the only value of the unique 100 Trillion Dollar bill is as a collectors item. It is an interesting lesson in history showing what happens when confidence in a currency is lost.

The 100 Trillion Dollar bill is the highest denomination bill that has ever been in circulation (at the time of writing in 2012). It represents an interesting time in history when Zimbabwe went through a period of hyper-inflation due to printing of money and political turmoil.

At one point inflation reached 231,150,888.87% percent (in 2008). The above bill was legal tender during the time it was printed. Due to continuing hyperinflation, the Zimbabwe Dollar was eventually discontinued and transactions are now done in other foreign currencies.

The interesting thing with hyper-inflation is that it is not things that get more expensive (relative to foreign currencies or other objects), but that the value of the Zimbabwe Dollar dropped drastically, meaning more and more Dollars were required to purchase the same item. For this reason more stable foreign currencies are now used in Zimbabwe, so that money can be saved without having it become virtually worthless days or weeks later. Other measures to deal with hyper-inflation are purchasing objects of fixed value that will hold their value relative to other tangible objects (and food) providing a way to save earnings to spend at a later date.
Uncirculated (UNC). Crisp, no pinholes or paper splits, no folds, no creases.

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Dollar Note


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$100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Notes

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