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Customer Reviews

"I purchased the basic Titanium Money Clip. Let's not get crazy here, it's just a money clip for gawds sake. But what a money clip it is. I don't think the metal will fatigue ever. There are no springs of any sort to break or fatigue. You can spend a lot more, but you won't get the quality and longevity this product offers!"

- Michael






"I was given one of your VIPER Black- Large Ti Money clips over the last weekend… I am amazed! My friend had 100 bills folded- threwit at me and I was instantly SOLD. He’s ordering another one…I kept his….minus the money!I’ll be ordering 2-more soon…one for a gift and one to keep as a spare! I’ve owned “many” over the years….this one ROCKS! Your website is excellent-by the way! "

- Jeff C.

"I purchased a Viper mini money clip a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know it is by FAR the best money clip I have ever used. I 've been searching for a few years now and been through multiple other clips in trying to find the perfect clip. The Viper mini is that clip. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

- Jared

"The problem is most money clips are fashionable, but worthless to carry more than a few bill and a couple of cards. Soon they wear out and won't hold anything tightly. This clip is perfect. It holds everything I need and springs back like a champ. I 'll be ordering a few more for gifts and backups in the future. Thank you again for an amazing product."

- Franklin

"This money clip is the best I've ever owned. My last clip was very heavy and after a few years of using it, wouldn 't hold tight unless you had a large number of bills. My mini-Viper is light, and holds tight, love it.Great product!!!"

- Rod

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