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Customer Reviews

"I purchased the basic Titanium Money Clip. Let's not get crazy here, it's just a money clip for gawds sake. But what a money clip it is. I don't think the metal will fatigue ever. There are no springs of any sort to break or fatigue. You can spend a lot more, but you won't get the quality and longevity this product offers!"

- Michael






"I just want to say thanks for creating a product that performs as advertised!!! I initially purchased a Viper Money clip and was so satisfied I purchased a Mini Viper. I thought so much of your product I began giving them as gifts and showing them to my friends. I have had several friends purchase numerous clips and come back and tell me thanks for showing them the great quality of your product. I recently purchased two Key Armor digital camo key organizers and could not be happier with their performance, again another home run in style durability and usability. "

- Jim

This is even batter then what I expected best money clip ever , almost no Wight at all, its fit more than I thought , I don’t feel I have in my front pocket, very easy to take credit card or money out, look grate too UNIC, this pic is with 5 card and 14 bills,

thank you very much


Hey guys I’ve had the big titanium clip [VIPER] for like 4 or 5 years now and it’s still working awesome, same as the day I bought it. If you give me an email address I can send a couple good pictures. The gold coating it’s durable af. Great product!

Scott from Canada

VIPER Titanium Money Clip - TiN Finish


"I was given one of your VIPER Black- Large Ti Money clips over the last weekend… I am amazed! My friend had 100 bills folded- threwit at me and I was instantly SOLD. He’s ordering another one…I kept his….minus the money!I’ll be ordering 2-more soon…one for a gift and one to keep as a spare! I’ve owned “many” over the years….this one ROCKS! Your website is excellent-by the way! "

- Jeff C.

I bought a titanium money clip about a year ago and I wanted to let you know that it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've had anywhere from 1 to 50+ bills in it and it always retains its shape and ability to hold money. I could not be happier.

- Matt S.

"I purchased a Viper mini money clip a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know it is by FAR the best money clip I have ever used. I 've been searching for a few years now and been through multiple other clips in trying to find the perfect clip. The Viper mini is that clip. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

- Jared

"The problem is most money clips are fashionable, but worthless to carry more than a few bill and a couple of cards. Soon they wear out and won't hold anything tightly. This clip is perfect. It holds everything I need and springs back like a champ. I 'll be ordering a few more for gifts and backups in the future. Thank you again for an amazing product."

- Franklin

"This money clip is the best I've ever owned. My last clip was very heavy and after a few years of using it, wouldn 't hold tight unless you had a large number of bills. My mini-Viper is light, and holds tight, love it.Great product!!!"

- Rod

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