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Titanium Guitar Picks

Titanium Guitar Picks

Superior Titanium has designed a guitar pick with lifelong endurance and superb accuracy. Playing with a titanium pick can create new and different subtleties that cannot be made with plastic or other materials. The thickness is 0.030" (0.88mm), which just "feels right" when playing. Titanium picks will not clog strings like softer metals (such as copper, brass, silver and even gold for those who can spring for that). When strings get clogged, the harmonics can change noticeably! On both electric and acoustic guitars, the pick gives a clear, bright sound with excellent attack and definition.

The titanium guitar pick creates a unique tone. You can utilize each pick's tonal individuality to create amazing new sounds on your guitar! You will be totally amazed at the quality and resonance improvements under all circumstances!

Titanium is lightweight and corrosion resistant making it a superior material for a Guitar Pick. Our titanium guitar picks are fabricated from the same material as used in jet engines, rocket casings, nuclear submarines and Ferrari hubcaps.
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Titanium Guitar Picks

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