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Titanium has unique elastic properties combined with high strength making it strong, flexible and amazingly resistant to fatigue - the perfect material for a money clip! Take control of your cash and cards with one of our money clips proudly made with American titanium and all production done exclusively in Canada and the United States.

We are proud that our money clips are a North American product made using American titanium produced in a Morgantown, PA mill and then formed and finished exclusively in Canada and the United States. It takes more than just a great material to make a great money clip. From precision cutting and finishing, to processes that modify the titanium grain structure, we've spent thousands of hours and many years refining and honing our designs and processes.

Once you try our products you will see the difference and you will be hooked!Our customers have told us that the more they use our money clips, the more they like them. In fact that is probably one of the most common comments we get. We've seen customers order a single money clip and then come back and order again and again as gifts or to collect them.

To all our returning customers and those who have promoted our business without us even asking - THANK YOU!! It is amazing to have your support and to have been mentioned in blogs,forums, websites and even in major magazines - it is truly humbling.Every time someone shares our business with others it makes a difference. This support not only helps us, but it reaffirms our resolve to make even the smallest tweaks an improvements to make our products that absolute best they can be.

To solve some inherent challenges in making a great money clip, some designs include levers, flaps, springs or other features. These tend to make using them more cumbersome to use adding time required to take cash and cards out and to re-insert them.More importantly, these extra features can also wear over time and they create potential points of failure. Additionally, some of these add pressure points on the back side that can be less comfortable against your leg when in your front pocket.

Our "quick draw" design makes for the fastest operation while keeping cash and cards secure. It is very low profile and feels smooth against your leg in your front pocket - in fact you probably will not feel it is there at all. It is the ideal money clip design, however, it is also the hardest to get right. By using high grade titanium and our years of experience we can get the extra bit of springiness that makes a big difference in the long run.

Aside from superior performance, we have even refined our finishing process to the point where even our "natural titanium"finish takes 5 full steps to achieve - that's just for the "natural titanium" finish!When looking at our processes sometimes it seems crazy how much work we put into making our money clips. We do it for one reason - we want to be the best - period.

Aside from superior performance, we have even refined our finishing process to the point where even our "natural titanium"finish takes 5 full steps to achieve - that's just for the "natural titanium" finish!When looking at our processes sometimes it seems crazy how much work we put into making our money clips. We do it for one reason - we want to be the best - period.

With our name and with our slogan "THE TITAN'S OF QUALITY" we have a lot to live up to. Our reputation depends on it!

Being a compact solution that you can carry in your front pocket will help reduce the chance of a pickpocket compared to a bulky wallet. By carrying in a money clip in your front pocket it is more secure compared to a back pocket or jacket pocket where you are less likely to feel someone take it or it can even just fall out accidentally.

A bulky wallet in a back pocket often makes that rectangular wear mark that is unsightly and can also be a bulls-eye for pick pockets who will know where your wallet is being carried.

Carrying a bulky wallet in your front pocket usually makes it uncomfortable when you sit down making you remove it and leave it on the table. One trip to the men's room after a few beverages and you might come back to a missing wallet. Especially when traveling it is ideal to keep a low profile and not leave your wallet sitting on the table out in the open.

Our goal is to provide well thought out and well made products. Considering a money clip is something you will carry with you approximately 18 hours a day x 365 days a year and use multiple times per day, we make sure it is going to perform!

We only sell direct to our customers through www.superiortitanium.com.

By remaining in control of the design and fabrication we can control the quality to ensure we are making a first class product.

Whether you carry just a few credit cards and bills or you need to carry up to 100folded bills, we have a money clip for you! Our money clips are also being used to carry business cards and they make a great impression when pulled out of a suit pocket,especially with one of our high end finishes.

We believe we have the best money clips available, but what really matters is what you think. This is what motivates us to keep working hard and not to rest on our laurels. We take nothing for granted.

Easy to use with no springs or moving parts to break and made from high grade American titanium combined with production techniques that have been refined over the years, your money clip should last for many many years, and as Franklin, one of our customers put it"spring back like a champ"!


Sketchy Looking Store? Power out?Traveling? Need a Taxi? Better have cash handy!

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Our money clips can carry both cash and cards, but we always recommend carrying at least some cash because:

1)If the electricity is out you can still pay with cash. Pick up food, water and other essential supplies by paying cash. Since there is usually no notice of a power outage always be prepared.

2) Help protect yourself from identity theft by paying with cash at a sketchy looking shop or location. Why reveal your personal information including your name and possibly even your pin code when you can just hand over some generic cash?

3) Want something from a vending machine? Best to have cash because most do not take cards.

4) Driving on a toll road? Better have cash handy. Many toll booths only take cash. Don't reach the toll both and be caught in an awkward situation.

5) Taking a taxi? If paying with a credit card or debit card you better check that they will accept it first. Some taxis cabs will only take cash.

6) Traveling to a different country? Best to carry at least some cash.Most people would be very surprised to know that even in a very technologically advanced country like Japan they use cash for most purchases and many shops do not even take credit cards!ATM's (bank machines) are not always easy to find either. Make sure you are prepared with some cash before you leave home to avoid being in a stressful situation.

The Titans of Quality™

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Superior Titanium works with logistics partners to seamlessly and quickly deliver our products around the world quickly and efficiently. We welcome all feedback and are always exploring new products ideas. We are currently working on some very unique products and hope to have them complete for the end of the year.

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Even if you engraved your purchase or really abused it we will take it back within this period and you can exchange for another money clip or have a full refund if you prefer. People work very hard for their money and deserve to get good value in return. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase and are also very confident that you will not find a better money clip anywhere at any price!