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The KEY-ARMOR™ Minimalist Key Organizer

The KEY-ARMOR™ Minimalist Key Organizer

Take control of your keys today with the KEY-ARMOR. With its tough lightweight titanium construction and proven locking system, our patented KEY-ARMOR™ keeps your keys quiet, organized, and ready for both daily life and any adventure you may embark on.

➪ Stop loose keys poking your leg and eliminate the bulk!
➪ Keep your keys organized and quiet - stop jingling around
➪ Easy assembly - no custom keys or key modifications needed.
➪ High end finishes available to suit your style
➪ Made in USA

Compactly carry from 1 to 12 keys with included hardware (or hold more with longer screws). The KEY-ARMOR™ Minimalist Key Organizer fits all standard keys without modification.

The eye-catching precision machined grip gives the KEY-ARMOR™ serve as a tactile guide to help you quickly locate the correct key, even in total darkness.

The average person will use their keys almost 2,000 times per year! With this in mind we spent a massive number of hours designing, prototyping, and perfecting every detail to make it as quick, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

As with any product there are lots of production and material short cuts we could have taken, but we we wanted to deliver the best and built something that people can use, enjoy and appreciate every single day versus being most happy about the price tag. Backed by our 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are confident you will love using the KEY-ARMOR or your money back!

1 to 12 keys with included hardware*

Dimensions & Weight:
Length:   3 1/2"
Width:     3/4"
Height:   2 x 1/8" tk titanium plates
Weight:   2 ounces with hardware (not included keys)

Physical / Mechanical Properties:
Material:   High grade American Titanium
Density:   0.163 lb/in3
Melting Point:   3,020 °F
100% Immune to Salt Water Corrossion

* If using included stainless steel connector link to attach to a key chain, then that counts as one key. Additionally other items like a bottle opener that are equivalent in thickness to a key will also count as a key.
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The KEY-ARMOR™ Minimalist Key Organizer

$95.00 US
90 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Attention to Detail | Made in USA | Buy the Best

KEY-ARMOR with mini-VIPER money clip
A great photo from one of our customers - thanks Lucas!

KEY-ARMOR features

Compact, Organized and Quiet - stop loose keys poking your pockets!

safety warning

KEY-ARMOR Packaging
Precision machined and finished titanium plates - built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Where do I put my car keys?
Car and other vehicle keys can be externally attached using a separable key ring. We include a link you can include during assembly for this purpose.
What about torx screws instead of Phillips?
We love the look of torx and the Key-Armor looks really pro with them, however, pretty much everyone has a Phillips screw driver and they are easy to find worldwide. The Phillips screw profile also centers the driver making it nice to use. In a pinch you can even use a slot driver or other items to tighten Phillips screws. For these reasons we feel Phillips is best suited for the standard hardware.