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About Our Finishes

Black Diamond™ Finish:

We used a special process that applies carbon through a plasma field to form a black diamond structure on the surface of the titanium that is as tough as nails. Okay, it is actually much tougher than nails! In fact, this black diamond coating is extremely hard to scratch and does not require a clear top coat (no solar degeneration).

After testing in a salt spray for 1,000 hours there was no surface effects on this coating, so no worries about taking this baby surfing, sailing or maybe accidentally swimming with it in your pocket. Of course, the titanium underneath the black diamond coating is also immune to salt water, but it is important to know that the finish is tough.

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NASA Optical Gray™ Finish:

Our new NASA Optical Gray finish is the same finish NASA uses for titanium parts on satellites and other spacecraft. Through a multi-step process the titanium is texturized and also darkened, creating a finish that has very preferential emissivity properties. This makes it not only ideal for spacecraft, but also for those who like an extreme matte finish.

Quality is all about the details and this finish is no exception! This finish is not a coating, but a multi-step process that modifies the surface structure of the titanium and also darkens it to create a durable finish that will never chip or flake off.

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Natural Titanium Finish:

Having the best performance is great, but a nice finish is also very important. We have refined our finishing processes to the point where even our "natural titanium" finish takes 5 full steps to achieve! With a nice smooth feel.

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Anodized Titanium Finish:

Anodizing is not a paint or pigment, but a clear layer of oxidized titanium with no color itself. Due to this special effect It will look different inside your house from how it does outside in the sun or in that dimly lit bar! Scroll down for more on anodizing - it is truly a fascinating effect. Imagine that the blue money clip is really just silver titanium color with a clear coating - pretty amazing!!

Anodizing is a great way to add some unique colors. It is not as durable as our black diamond or titanium nitride coatings, which are all but bulletproof. That being said this anodized titanium money clip can securely hold your cash and cards and will generate some really cool wear marks over the years - especially around the edges.

Titanium Nitride Finish:

The most common use for a titanium nitride (TiN) coating is to provide edge retention and corrosion resistance on machine tooling, such as drill bits and milling cutters, often improving their lifetime by a factor of three or more.

This same TiN coating stands up to keys and coins in your pocket and is extremely durable. Note that if you have oily hands it can make fingerprints, however, after a few days of use this should even out and become uniform.

A gold plating would quickly wear off very quickly with keys and coins. With our TiN coating we can achieve both good looks and superior durability.

Stone Washed Titanium Finish:

Our stone washed titanium finish has a battle worn look that has instant character from day one. A bonus with the stone wash finish is that it hides scratches and other marks keeping a uniform look.

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Precision Engraved Black Diamond™ Finish:

First the black diamond coating is applied by putting carbon through a plasma field and bonding it directly to the titanium atoms in a diamond like structure. This makes for one tough finish!

Next we permanently etch the designs directly into the titanium using an extremely high precision process. Sure, we could have saved some money and just screen printed the designs, but that's not how we roll! Screen printing looks good at first, but after use it will start to wear off. For those looking for quality and longevity we only recommend products like this that use a permanent etching process.

List of products with this finish: