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The VIPER™ Titanium Money Clip

The VIPER™ Titanium Money Clip

Massive 60 folded bill capacity! The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip is constructed from 100% solid American titanium and was designed using advanced 3D modelling and finite element analysis software. With over a decade of proven performance, the spring-back of the VIPER is unmatched!

This premium money clip is engineered to hold up to 60 folded bills (that is the equivalent thickness of 120 unfolded bills!). Of course all this is good, but what makes this titanium money clip great, is that it springs back precisely to hold just a single bill! The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip has bite!

Using the finite element analysis program we could design this money clip to fully utilize titanium's strength, toughness and extreme resistance to fatigue. The Viper™ Titanium Money Clip has been specifically engineered to perform not only today, but for a lifetime and beyond.

We use 100% American titanium and all manufacturing of each money clip is completed exclusively in both the United States and Canada. This ensures you receive the very best quality and a truly unique money clip. Every purchase is also supporting our American and Canadian workers and our high end aerospace supply chains. We hope you enjoy the unique design and welcome any and all feedback! A link back to our site is also very much appreciated.
Only Bills:  60 folded bills
Credit Cards & Bills:  8 Cards + 25 folded bills

Dimensions & Weight:
Length:   3"
Width:   1.75"
Height:   0.625"
Weight:   0.95 ounces

Physical / Mechanical Properties:
Density:   0.163 lb/in3
Melting Point:   3,020 °F
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The VIPER™ Titanium Money Clip

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Case Study

We received an email from a customer looking for something that can handle 52 bills and 5 cards.Even though this is past the rated capacity of the Viper, which would be 52 bills and 2 cards (or 5 cards and 40 bills), we felt it would be able to handle volume with the only side effect being some extra tension when fully loaded. We advised our customer of our opinion and he decided to go ahead and purchase the money clip. He was also nice enough to take the time to send us a couple photos of before and after as well as giving us some great feedback. Here is what he had to say:


Before and after photos from customer

"First and foremost, I’d like to give a very enthusiastic thumbs up on my new Diamond Viper Wallet!!!As a business owner, I carry a minimum of 50+ bills at any given time and found my former money clip, known as the [brand name removed] actually held no magic at all!It’s poor fabric construction was totally inferior to My new clip; The Diamond Viper! The structure is solid, it holds my bills tightly and the comfort is amazing! Now, I can carry my money with the utmost confidence with the assurance that all of my hard earned cash is safe and secure! The Diamond Viper is a superior product and I will recommend it to all of my business partners for sure!"

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