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10/10 for durability!

I just wanted to share my testimony about your money clips. 4 years ago, I ordered one as a wedding anniversary for my husband (after previously gifting him one - bought from a different store - and having it fall apart days later). He loved it.

Last night, on his way to his graveyard shift in his box truck, he got into a bad car accident. Thankfully, he is fine! We think the guy who rear ended him was drunk - no word on his condition yet. The other driver rear ended my husbands truck so hard that it flipped once and landed on it's side. (See picture) He climbed out the passenger window without a single scratch.

All that to say this, after the initial shock wore off, my husband realized that his money clip with all his cards had flown out of his cabin. We found it wedged under one of the truck wheels, still intact & still holding on to all the cards! That clip surely showed it's worth. With all that said, thank you for making such an amazing product that I will continue to recommend to everyone I know!