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11 Reasons to Carry Cash at All Times

11 Benefits of Carrying Cash - in your money clip of course! ;-):

Some people choose not to carry cash for any number of reasons, but that is downright foolhardy! Sure there are smartphones, smart payment apps, smart cards, etc. Go around without carrying cash…not so smart. Here is a list of some reasons you MUST carry some cash AT ALL TIMES!

  1. Shopping at a sketchy store or gas at station? Pay with cash and you don’t need to worry about your credit card being compromised.
  2. There is a big storm or natural disaster and the power goes out for days. Pull out your money clip, hand over some cash and you can buy what you need.
  3. Carry a small amount of cash in a separate money clip, so if you are paying it looks like you are not carrying a lot of money.
  4. Carry two money clips and always use the one with cash. If someone steals your clip with cash they do not get your credit cards or driver’s license with your address and other information.
  5. Taxis. Many taxis do not accept credit cards. If you are not carrying cash, then be sure to ask in advance if they accept credit cards.
  6. Toll roads. Many tolls can only be paid in cash with no way to get cash at the tolls. Don’t get stuck, carry cash (even keep $20 in your glove box for this reason).
  7. Paying with cash feels “real” and can help reduce your spending.
  8. Cash does not have an annual fee or any service charges.
  9. Paying with cash is spending money you have and not money you will need to pay back later.
  10. Splitting a bill at a restaurant. Pay with cash to avoid getting stuck paying for more than you bargained for.
  11. Vending machines. Out for a walk on a hot day and you want to grab a cold beverage. If you are buying from a vending machine better be carrying some cash!

Hope you enjoyed reading this list. If we missed something please send us an email and let us know, so we can add it to the list!