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How to Use a Money Clip

The first, and most common way to use a money clip should work best for most people. You can use a money clip to hold credit cards only or cash only, however, a mix of cards and cash works extremely well (and keeping some cash on hand for emergencies is always a good idea). The cash securely holds the cards in a stack, and the cards provide a nice rigid core to help insert everything into the money clip.

Method One:

Step 1: Wrap your cash around your credit cards.


Step 2: Holding the money clip this way (or flipped over), press the long arm of the money clip on the fold of the bills. Use your thumb and index finger to push on the shorter arm with the lip (see green arrow).


Step 3: Slide your money clip over your cash and cards.



Richard, a customer of ours, shared with us this very unique way to carry cash by making bundles. This is a unique method for cash heavy societies and it works will to keep bills of different denominations separate.


We hope this guide helps and if you have any questions, let us know and we are happy to help out!!