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T-100 Money Clip - RICHARD

We got this great message from one of our valued customer and comes with a unique way to hold cash in our T-100 money clip too! We are blessed with some amazing customers who continue to support us over all these many years - thanks Richard!!


It is my pleasure to support a good product. I keep the money folded so it is easier to count out (without pulling out 50+ bills) and so you know when you are down to your last 3 million!

I have also recommended the T-100 to many people. Once they see it they always ask what it is and where it comes from.

I need to get another one to keep my Thai baht in as a they are almost as problematic as the Indonesian Rupia at0.03 to the USD.

I will also purchase some more towards the end of the year as gifts for my friends in this part of the world.

Glad the photos were of use.
Thanks again for your product
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