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American Titanium Dog Tags

American Titanium Dog Tags

Made from 0.035" thick American titanium plate these dog tags are built tough. They come blank (or with USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor) and are ready for engraving at your local jewellers. These tags are a great way to immortalize any information you choose to engrave into them.

Engraving is simple using a standard diamond tipped cutter on a mechanical engraver (standard for most jewelry shops). At this time we are not offering custom engraving and just the titanium tags themselves.

Our stone washed and NASA Optical Gray finishes means these dog tags will stand up over time unlike plating, paints and powder coats that will chip off.

Can also be used as luggage tags or as a tag on your keychain with contact information. Being made from titanium you can be sure that any engraved information will be legible for many years after other materials would be worn away.
Each solid titanium dog tag measures approximately 1"W x 2"L x 0.035"tk.
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American Titanium Dog Tags

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